Error by register an Display

Hi everybody

I installed Xibo on my own server and it works fine.
To try out how it works, i installed the Xibo-Player on my Android-phone.
when i try to connect the CMS, i get allways the massage:
"Unable to Register as the CMS has sent an error. Bad Request"
The CMS-Key is checked about 20times :wink:

What coult it be, how can i get it connected?

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

What CMS and Xibo for Android versions are you using please?

Are you able to reach your CMS URL in the browser on your phone?

Hi Peter
Thanks for your answer.

I’m using the the Android-version 1.8. R102
The CMS ist version 1.8.1

you can have a look at

I see that you have /web in the URL, which implies that CMS is not correctly configured, please have a look here

You will need to change DocumentRoot and URL rewriting (please see notes fort your environment).

Once make those changes please see if the issue persists - if it does you can go through Report Fault wizard to see if there will be any additional logs.

Hi Peter and Thanks for your patience

sorry for disturbing again… :frowning:
Your answer sounds very clear, easy and logical… :slight_smile:

where can i change the Ducumentroot als URL-Rewriting?

That will depend on your server environment - URL rewriting has notes for different servers, as for DocumentRoot, if you do not know how to change it in your server, you can perform a quick google search about it, I’m sure you will find the answer - I do not know what server environment you’re using, therefore I can’t tell you where exactly you need to make those changes.


I cant install it like in the Install-videos because the xampp has PHP 7 and xibo works with PHP 5.
Directly installed in de web-server is working, but the result is the same (…/web).

move or change the .htaccess-file has the result of Fatal Error 500
I think, i’m just too stupid to install xibo :frowning:
I can’t find any videos to install the xibo directly on de web-server.

PHP 7 is not supported yet indeed, you will want to downgrade that.

Then document root in xampp is changed in httpd.conf file in the xampp installation directory for example: