Entry level question

First time posting and hopefully its an easy answer!!

We use Xibo 1.8.11 for multiple groups of displays. It is possible to schedule both groups at the same time but have them independently show random campaigns?

We have literally 50-100 different things that we schedule on a monthly basis and we have them varied between 2 different horizontal groups of displays and 2 different vertical groups of displays.

The issue is that when we schedule Group 1 and Group 2 at the same time then the same campaigns are showing the same content. We would like to have different campaigns cycled through randomly from an available pool.

Hopefully this makes sense.

Thanks in advance!

You can schedule many things to appear at the same time, and Xibo will show them in fair rotation. So you can certainly schedule your common content across multiple display groups, and then schedule specific layouts or campaigns to individual groups or displays to run at the same time as your other content.

Xibo will mix that down for you. If you look at the Agenda view in the schedule it will show you how that will look on the Player.