Enquiry on Image Processing

Dear Xibo Experts,

I’m using cms 3.1.4 with play version 3.304.1
Regarding Image Processing task, from my test i found out that if one image has exceeded the “Resize Limit” then the image processing task will stop working and causes other images not to be process. Which i have to then delete the images and reset the image processing task.

Would like to check what will be the impact if i were to put “Resize Threshold” and “Resize Limit” to 0. I’m using a windows desktop as the player,
Will this means that it won’t convert the images and just play it in the player just like how it is in version 1.8.12? There is no image processing in version 1.8.12 am i right?

Thanks in advance. Hope my question is clear :slight_smile:

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