Empty XiboClient.config when reboot

Hello !

I have been experiencing problems on Xibo players for a few days, the XiboClient.config file in C: \ Users \ Xibo \ AppData \ Roaming is emptying itself

After configuration everything works correctly, the layout is well placed

SizeX 2160 SizeX
SizeY 1920 SizeY
OffsetX 0 OffsetX
OffsetY 0 OffsetY

On the other hand, sometimes, after rebooting the machine everything goes to zero

SizeX 0 SizeX
SizeY 0 SizeY
OffsetX 0 OffsetX
OffsetY 0 OffsetY

I can not solve the problem …

Thank you !

Are you making changes to this file directly? (bad idea)
Or are you making those changes in the Display settings -> Edit display profile assigned to your device -> Location? (good idea)

I wrote directly in the file, I did not know that we could do that from Display settings, thank you very much for your help!