Embedded HTML issue with Player Android


I’m testing android (1.8 R108) and windows(1.8.10) demo players and I’m having some issues with Embedded HTML widget when the player is without internet.
I’d created a layout with an embedded widget and wroute a simple html inside:
“div-tag>SOME WORDS</div tag>”
When the player has internet connection, it works fine. But without internet connection it doesn’t show the content i’ve wroute inside the div tag.
I had read about some similar issues. I’ve check the option “Enable caching of Web Resources?” and increase “Send files in advance?” number.
This same layout works fine in windows in both cases (with internet and without internet).

Is there any solution to this issue?



Embedded HTML is downloaded locally so should show fine offline.

The caching options only relate to external content.

You’re certain that the Player has the embedded HTML downloaded before you disconnect it? It won’t download until it has run the content for the first time in some cases.


Hi Alex,
Thank you for your answer.
I’ve test this in many android hw and also on a virtualized Android ( VirtualBox 5.2.10 and Android Lollipop if you wanna test it ).

I thought that too

And yes. I made sure it was completely downloaded. The code is as simple as I wrote it before.

I’ve made some other tests and I’ve notice that this happend after the second app restart (killing and starting it manually).

Do you have any clue?

Thanks again!


Thank you for the information you have provided regarding this issue.

I have created an Issue Report for the Development department, who will look into this further. The issue will be resolved as soon as possible.

Many Thanks.


Thanks Dan!

I will wait.


Hi Dan!

Do you’ve some news?



Thank you for your patience. the issue is still currently being investigated by the Development team. I have a note to contact you when the issue has been resolved so you can download and install that revision.

Many Thanks.