Email-alerts every half an hour

We receive email alerts on several screens every now and then, when we check the players with teamviewer, then nothing is wrong…It are 2 message after each other “Last Seen” and then a "recovery"
One player gives this message every half an hour.
The players are Android players.
Where in the xibo system do we need to check? What could be wrong?

Lets take an example of a Player set to collect with the CMS every 5 minutes.

When the Player connects, the CMS records the time - lets say 08:00am.

If then the CMS hasn’t seen the Player again the first time the email alerts task runs after 08:05am, then it will send the alert. When the Player then does reconnect, you’ll get the “up” email telling you it has come back.

Typically that kind of “bouncy” behaviour is caused where there’s intermittent network issues preventing the Player from connecting to the CMS reliably. That’s where you should start looking.

Thans Alex, good info!