Email alert - timeout NOT recognised

CMS Version
3.3.3 (Docker)

Player Type

TizenOS (Samsung Displays)

Player Version

210 and 305


I’ll get an eMail each time a display is offline or not reconnect within 5 minutes. (this ist the update intervall in player profile). Is the player connecting only a few seconds after this 5 minutes an eMail is fired.
To prevent this, there is an setting in Administration > Maintainence > Max Display Timeout. BUT it’s NOT recognised! I’ll tried 10 minutes, 65 minutes, 100 minutes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter which value is entered, I get an email every time a display is even a few seconds late. :frowning:

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HI bewo,

Can you go to the Displays menu in your CMS, then access the Edit Display settings for your display. If you check the Maintenance tab, you will see the Use Global Timeout? box:

Can you make sure this is ticked, save to confirm and see if it is still sending alerts based on the collect interval?

Many Thanks.

Hi DanBW,

many thanks for your reply! Awkward for me… :sweat_smile: You’re absolutely right!!
I thought i’ve checked every menu. But obviously i didn’t. All my displays didn’t use the global timeout. So sorry for your time and many many thanks again for your help!!
Best regards!

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