Editing Audience for Notifications

I’m trying to remove users/groups from the “audience” members that will be receiving notifications but they keep reappearing even after I press “save.” By default, I noticed Administrators and Administrator were in the field. I added a group called “Sales Floor Signage”, pressed “save”, went back into edit, removed the signage group, pressed “save.” When I go back to edit the notification, the group that I tried removing is still there. Anyone else having this issue? I’d love to better utilize these email notifications.

CMS 1.8.11

User / User Groups can be set to receive system and display notifications - you can edit user / user group and look at the notification tab to adjust it if needed.

One of the default user groups called System Notifications as the name suggest is set to receive system notification, as such all members of that group will receive it as well.

That does seem like a bug, I was able to recreate it locally, therefore I’ve created an issue on GitHub about it here - Notifications - Audience not saved correctly on Edit · Issue #1631 · xibosignage/xibo · GitHub

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.