Edited media not changing on client

We are testing Xibo and I am running into a problem. I have the xibo CMS running on an Ubuntu server and a Xibo client on a windows 10 Pro. I have created a simple layout with two regions and gotten it to run on the client. One region is just a logo running constanty and under that is a series of media showing the museum’s exhibits running at ten second intervals. I managed to replace one of these pictures using the Library-Media-edit media process and the client decided to show it after a restart. However, editing other pictures has not been successful. The client is still showing the original series with only one picture changed. Previewing the layout on the server also shows this same group of pictures. Downloading the picture from the Library-Media page shows it to be the correct one, but it is not propagating to the layout.


When you were replacing images, did you tick the appropriate checkbox on the edit form?

What’s the right answer? There are three possible boxes, one or several of which are the correct ones to choose for what I am trying to do. I take the file, edit it in photoshop, save the result to psd and jpg and use the jpg file to replace the previous picture in the edit image form. I am pretty sure that I ticked the first box the first time but I don’t remember. But this may very well be where the problem is so I’ll just play around with the boxes and see what happens.

1st checkbox - definitely yes (assuming you want to actually change the image on all layouts of course)
2nd checkbox - rather yes
3rd - only if the image was set as a background

I redid the edit and checked boxes 1 and 2. Still not working. The client is still showing the same series, one successfully edited image but the other edited image has not changed.

What about the designer/preview?

If it’s changed there then it should be also changed on the player (depending on the layout duration/collection interval)
What if you move something slightly / add something to make sure that the client will download new version of your layout.

No the preview does not reflect the changes, so whatever is wrong is on the server side then.

Just to confirm, you have 1.7.6 CMS version installed on your server?
Could you please enable debugging on Report fault page, recreate the issue and then see if there are any errors on the Logs page?

I seem to have 1.7.5, I will try to update (again) and report back.

So I think what’s happened is you’ve uploaded an image (we’ll call that v1)

Later you’ve uploaded a second version (we’ll call that v2) of that image and told the system not to replace it in existing layouts (by not ticking the boxes).

Now you’re editing v2 and telling the system to replace all instances of v2 in your layouts with the new file (v3) however your layout still contains v1 so it’s not replaced.

You’ll need to edit your layout, remove v1 from it and add v2 or v3 I think to get it working now. I hope that’s clear :smile: