Edit Displayname via Configfile?

Hey all,
we are planning to use Xibo on ~500 clients. For this we are using a software to distribute Xibo automatically. For now everything seems to work.
The only problem is, that all new displays are named as their hostname. Is there a way, to change any configfile on the client, so the displayname in the console will not be the hostname, but a specific name? I tried to add <DisplayName>"AddNameHere"</DisplayName> in XiboClient.xml inside %appdata% and changed this line in default.config inside the Xibo folder, but this doesn’t seem to be right.
Is there a way?
Thank you for everything!

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as noone replied yet, I wanted to ask, if my question is clear enough and understandable?
Is this even possible?

Thank you!

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Are you using 1.7 or 1.8 series players?

Are all players already registered with your CMS?

We are using 1.8 series.
The players are not installed yet, therefore not registered.

If they are not registered with the CMS yet, then you can edit config.xml file, which should be located in the player local library folder.

If those are cloned installations then you might want to also edit the hardwarekey file (also in player library) as you will want all players to have unique hardware keys otherwise if you will have players with the same key, CMS will not be able to tell them apart.

Actually if they are not installed at all yet, then the library folder will be empty, as such, you can install the Xibo for Windows, then edit the default.config.xml in the player installation directory and change the display name (you can also add the CMS address and key in there if you want)

^ the default option for display name is the COMPUTERNAME but if for some reason that makes your devices with the same name, then you can adjust it in the default config, that will be then passed to the CMS and in the player local library in the config you will therefore also find the same display name as in the default config.

Nice, thank you!
Guess I didn’t delete the library folder, when I reinstalled xibo. Therefore it took the default name. Now I copy a preconfigured default.config.xml right after installing.
Thank you very much for your help!