Dynamic Playlist doesnt update


Hi guys,
I have a sub-playlist assigned to my layout which should always play all pdf files from my library.
I set up a playlist and set it to dynamic with the filter set to pdf. It works at first, but as soon as I remove and upload new pdf files, the playlist doesnt update. I checked the filter tab and it shows all newly uploaded pdf files without any issues.
Am I missing something?


There is a background process that keeps those up to date which runs once per minute. If that makes an adjustment, then that itself will mark layouts as “to build” which will also get built into the background and that runs once per 5 minutes. This means that in all it could take 6 minutes for such a change to propagate.

If changes are not being reflected on your Player after this time then please do get back to us.

Thank you


I removed the old pdf files from the library and uploaded new ones about 10 Minutes ago and it doesnt work again. The Player just shows the default layout again and the layout itself has now an empty region where the playlist is. The subplaylist widget which is in this empty region is now saying it has 0 Widgets, but the the playlist itself shows all the new pdf files when I check the filter


It still didnt sync after the weekend, Im also seeing a clock symbol as the playlist duration and it says it has to recalculate the time