Duration per Page for PDF is not working

Hi at all,

I will show a multilateral PDF on our display which automatically switch the slides.

Therefore I´ve used the PDF widget, and set a duration per page of 10 seconds.

If I use the preview function for the layout, only the first page of the display is shown for 10 seconds.

XIBO CMS is on a linux VM in version 3.0.3

:wink: thx

Hi cwthd,

I created a three page PDF and added it to a layout in my 3.3.3 CMS instance. I set the duration to 5 seconds and ticked items per page box. If I preview the layout in my CMS I see each page shown for 5 seconds.
Are you using the Preview Layout option inside the layout designer, or are you using the Preview Layout option on the Layouts page?

Many Thanks.

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