Duration of Traffic Widget

Hi Guys,

why i can’t change the duration of the Google Traffic Widget lower then 600 sek ?

Is there a way to set the duration as i want ?

Greetings from Germany


You certainly can set it lower than 600 seconds once you’ve entered your Google Traffic API key.

Google charge you for every time that traffic widget loads, so we strongly recommend a long duration. Having it load every few seconds will soon cause you a very large bill from Google for their Maps and Traffic API.

Hi Alex,

I have set my Api- Key, but i can’t change the duration time lower than 600.

Yes i read it, that Google will earn some money with the Api-Keys…

What do you think its a good durationtime for the TrafficWidget…

Below your API key you need to set a minimum duration lower than 600 seconds. We think 600 seconds is a sensible default, which is why we set that for you.

Hi Alex,

OK Thank you so much, I dont know that i can set the “Default-Duration” in the Widget…