Duration of the Layout

I have a layout containing only one video(22s).
i schedule: start time:13:30
End time:13:35
After playing the video,the screen turns into a black screen,after sometimes the video play again.

i want the video playing continuously for 5 min.No black Screen or Delay.

Can you help me??

Hello Abhi.

I have nothing to do with the official XIBO team, but thought i might try to help you anyways.

Have you activated the loop function? If you go to the layout you have created, click on the grey bar for the region in the layout and click “settings” then it will have a checkbox saying “loop?”.
If you activate this function, the element should keep repeating itself for the duration of the scheduled event.

So if layout is scheduled to display for 5 min (assuming that the device had already downloaded it) it should display it for 5min (with few loops) there will be blink after layout reloads (22s - duration of the video), but other than that it should play just fine.

Any delay could be caused by current layout having long media durations / device downloading your video / collection interval / internet connection issues.

As for the Exasis suggestion ie loop option, if the video is the only item on your layout, yes that should solve the problem.
So you can have your video set to duration 0 (it will automatically detect the video’s duration) and region with video set to loop.

EDIT, or set your video to 22s and tick ‘loop’ on the video, although if it’s the only item on the layout it should loop by default.

Thanks Exasis for the reply…But it shows “Not currently available for Windows Players.”.

Is there any way for windows players? peter

What if you set your video duration to 0? As far as I know it should loop by default.

Well I know it should I’ve just tried it :wink:

i set the duration to 0.after the video(ie 22s ),display turns into the default layout for almost 15s(i used stopwatch :stuck_out_tongue: ) after that video play again.

i don’t need the layout turn into default layout :’(

Make sure you don’t have the default layout set to interleave in the display settings.

It almost certainly is what Alex suggested.

Please go to displays page, edit your display and on advanced tab make sure that ‘Interleave Default’ is set to ‘No’
When it’s set to yes, it adds default layout to the schedule.

thankss…it works :smile: