Duration of layouts scheduled on a display can only be incremented by the minute - 1.8.0-alpha2

I have a single region Layout composed of an image followed by a video. The total duration of the Layout is 1 min and 23 secs.

When I schedule this Layout, it seems that the minimum duration I can set on the layout is only in increments of a minute.This forces me to schedule the layout for 2 minutes. As a result of this, the layout will loop a second time partially for the extra 37 seconds.
Setting the video inside the Layout to play only once (play until end) has no effect.

“Schedule Now” gets the duration in hours, mins and seconds but ignores the seconds. The API also ignores the ‘seconds’ set in the fromDt and toDt passed.

In other words, I want this layout to play once and be done. Is there a work around or a right way of achieving this?

Interesting points about increments of a second - especially on the schedule now form, where it should be supported - and in the API too I suppose.

I’ll create a bug for it.

The only way to play a layout “once” is to use the Change Layout action, which is only available through the API, has to be executed in real time and requires XMR.

Thanks Dan. I will setup XMR and try it out.

Thanks for the quick fix to this. I patched this on a 1.8-alpha3 version of the server and I see that in the case of the API path, we are not setting the recurenceRange in Schedule.php. the fromDt and toDt are set but not the recurrenceRange. I fixed it locally and it works perfect. Thanks again.

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