Duration Issues

I’ve got a layout with multiple regions. Two of the regions have matching content so each item on the timeline is 15 seconds long for both regions. The issue is they get off sync how is this happening if the have the exact same time duration.

The duration of a region is the total time taken for each item to play. This does not include the time taken to load the media. If you have a media item that is taking slightly longer to load than other media items, whilst the duration of 2 regions may be the same, you may see the content falling out of sync with one another due to these load times. If you are using text and/or images, then combining the content into a single widget will stop the content from falling out of sync. Please also note that media load times may also be affected by the hardware you are using.

What do you mean combining them into a single widget? If its what I think you mean how do I go about doing that. Thank you