Duration is per page issue


When i put a PDF in a playlist with multiples pages and i activate “Duration is per page” i assume in my case :

That each page of my PDF will be displayed 10 seconds with a total of 50 sconds (5 pages).

But when i put it in a Sub-playlist in a layout it doesn’t work, it is just taking the 10 seconds and put all the pages in these 10 seconds.

I probably miss something but i can’t find out what it is.

(Sorry for bad english) and thanks

Hello and welcome to the Community!

Can I ask what version CMS you are using and your installation method?

I have tried to recreate your issue on my v3.0.7 cloud hosted CMS and it all plays as expected.

Is it all playing in 10 seconds when playing the preview in the Layout Designer?

Hi and thanks for the fast reply

My CMS version is 3.0.5 and the installation is on Linux (Rocky linux 8.5)

In preview everything is fine with each page of the pdf but when i publish it, it’s not working.

Thanks for the help

What Player and version are you using?

This is the Linux player V 1.8 R6

The Duration per Page option was added for the v3 CMS. The linux player will not have that functionality I am afraid.

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