DSCS9 not turning TV off but will turn it on

Running xibo 2.3.14 docker
Using DSCS9 player v216, the HDMI-CEC App will turn the tv off and on using the in app buttons and keypresses

However, when programmed as a command, the TV will not turn off. The command to turn it on works as expected.

Tried the following commands in Xibo:

echo 0x40 0x36 > /sys/class/cec/cmd
echo 0xF0 0x36 > /sys/class/cec/cmd
neither work

Hello and welcome to the Community!

One of the commands you have there is incorrect, but as you are running v216 you can just use the following commands instead, which will be less prone to error:
Once you have changed those command definitions, allow time for the Player to download those before you try to run them.

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