DSCS9 never gets status "green"

Dear Community

I have TWO (identically configured) DSDevices in the same LAN, but one does never show a checkmark in status but allways the “cloud”.
see: https://drive.google.com/open?id=17xQ9suDuIv__W_3ptIDeMalmAQdPZHCh

There are identical Player-Versions (1.8 Vers.Code 107 - and the same config on the devices, so far i can see) and they are administrated via the same Xibo (CMS-)Installation.
btw: “sometimes” i also mentioned in the CMS, that the Device, that never gets the checkmark, was not able to login into the CMS - when I unplug it and plug it in again (reboot) it logs in normally, but the “cloud” stays (allways)… ;-(

Can someone imagine, what there could be the problem?
…or what I could try to (re-)configure?
I even studied forums but did not find anything “near” my problem to solve…

Can you post a screenshot of the Status page on the Player? To access this, click the screen while the Xibo app is running and select Status from the Action Bar. You are welcome to send this to me privately if you would prefer.

Can you also confirm that you are able to access the CMS in the web browser on your DSDevice?

The Cloud icon suggests that the Player is not up to date. If you select the Displays option in your CMS, click the down facing arrow at the end of the Display row and choose Manage from the drop down menu. Can you confirm if there are any files pending? If so, can you confirm what those files are? If you are able to provide screenshots that would also help.

Many Thanks.

As i am not in office, I can just narrow the problem with the following:
NO files pending (everything green in the circle)
The Player IS working (unually) as it should - so we had some timed campaign, with some NEW pdf to be shown, etc. yesterday - that worked without problems…; so the pdf was uploaded to the player, iso the player was connected / logged in to the CMS.
The Problem that stays - maybe just an “optical / cosmetic”? - is, that the status get never checkmarked and SOMETIMES the player cannot login to CMS (…after a restart it does allways so far)
Question: player starts at 5 am - what, if the CMS is (shortly) unreachable at this time? Does the player try to login after that fiirst attempt again automatically?
Will try to get the screenshot of status screen tomorrow…
Thanks so far!

After watching the status for some days now, there’s on the one hand some problem for one of the devices to get connected in the morning - see above…
On the other hand I can see now, that BOTH devices show the “cloud” in status page, when there was nothing NEW (to upload, change, … from CMS to device) since the last request (update/request every 10 minutes - so rather quick).
So, if something really changed, i get a checkmark (for max. some minutes) - after the next request (nothing changed in between) i get the cloud - somehow disturbing but i can live with that. Maybe there’ some error within the CMS “logic”…!?

If you can provide me with the previously mentioned screenshot of the Status page on the Android player, I can look into this further. To access the Status page, click the screen on your Android Player, while the Xibo app is running and choose status from the Action Bar at the top.

Many Thanks.

Hi DanBW

Attachments 1+2 are from “Test” / 3 + 4 from “Foyer” (Aula).

“cloud” now is shown once there once on the other… !?

…login issues just on “Foyer”

Many thanks & greetings from Innsbruck / Austria


Thank you for providing the screenshots. They suggest that the 2 Players are using 2 different URLs for the CMS. If they are both connecting to the same CMS, I would recommend adjusting the URL to ensure the connection is not affected. As a further note, if the URL contains web in the address, this would suggest the CMS is not correctly configured.

It appears you have an RSS feed running in the layout. When the feed is due to refresh, the Status of the player will change to the cloud icon, as it needs to refresh the content to be once again up to date. Can you confirm the Update interval that is set for the RSS Ticker? if this is set to a low interval, this would explain why the Players regularly show as not up to date. Increasing the Update interval to a higher value, will allow the Player time to update and so show a Status of up to date.

I would also recommend checking the Manage page for the above Players, as this will show you what elements are not up to date and so are downloading to the Player. To access the Manage page, select the Displays option in your CMS, click on the down facing arrow at the end of the Displays row and choose Manage from the menu. If you see any files or media that do not show a Tick under the Complete column, please let me know.

As a side note, the Status pages show that XMR is not currently available. I would recommend configuring XMR as this will ensure that changes made to the Players/Layouts will be pushed immediately to the Player, instead of waiting for the next collection interval.

Many Thanks.

Great, tanks…:
1.) “xibo.olg-innsbruck…” is just a “subdomain” configured at my provider for the real path to “olg…/xibo/web”.

…will try to change that url at “foyer” to be also “xibo.olg-innsbruck.info”.

2.) Yes, theres RSS-Feed showing the “busses” leaving in front of our office…; one “layout” - where this RSS ist shown (usually) endures just 60 seconds - so the “cloud” is clearly “understandable” now for me :wink:

3.) all data “are up to date” - nothing pending in Display-Manage-Page

4.) XMR: thought, this is not possible with DSCS9 / Android ?

…will tell you results, as I was able to change settings on “foyer”

thanks again,


Thank you for confirming that nothing is pending on the Manage Page, I’m glad to hear the cloud status is understandable in the context of your RSS feed.

XMR is compatible with both Android and more specifically DSCS9 devices. I have included a link below to our Post CMS Installation Guide, which includes a section on how to configure XMR:


Many Thanks.

Okay - XMR… great (missed that completely): entered “tcp://xibo.olg-innsbruck.info:9505” now as public adress; see what’s happening… :wink:
cu, Robert

…not XMR by itself but “zeroMQ” was the missing thing on my android dsdevice from EV4 Ltd … :wink:
if i try to reconfigure device i get “ZeroMQ wird für das Senden von Befehlen an den Player benötigt. Bitte überprüfen Sie Ihre Konfiguration.”

so in the end: no xmr ;-(

That’s an error regarding the CMS not your Player.

The DSCS9 has everything it needs, but your server doesn’t. If you use Docker, it comes with XMR and ZeroMQ all correctly installed and configured for you. If you do a custom install, you’ll need to manage installing the ZeroMQ libraries, the PHP bindings for ZeroMQ and running the XMR server yourself before XMR will work.

correct - sorry, YOUR device ist really great; but getting zeroMQ to work on my external internet hoster is the clue…
but: dont really need XMR (by now)

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