Draft: Linux Player Edge Channel Revision 53 available to test

Hi all,

We’ve just pushed a new build into the edge channel called Revision 53. It solves 4 problems if anyone would like to test it.

  • Proof of Play stats in 1.8 are now working
  • Media Inventory always returning empty and therefore the Player never being marked as up to date in the CMS
  • Files deleted from the local library manually (not recommended) were never downloaded again, but now they are
  • Widgets were being updated each collection interval instead of obeying the updated date, they now only update if the updated date is later than the file write time

You need to be in the edge channel to receive this update. To switch to edge run the following:

snap refresh xibo-player --channel=edge

Feedback on the above 4 issues very welcome on this post - for any other issues please check that your issue isn’t already reported, and open a new topic.


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