Downloaded corrupted video files

I made a layout with more than one regions with videos. When i start the player i can see that it starts downloading all the videos. After a while i see that only few regions are actually playing the videos and other regions are blank.
I looked at the local repo for assets and i could see the video files there.
The issue was the video files were corrupted as i couldn’t even play them in any other media player. But since the files were already downloaded according to the player it never retried even though they were corrupted

I had to delete the corrupted files and restarted the player to force it to pull again.
Thia could be a big issue in live environment as we wont know if asset is fine or not.

Any suggestions? Isnt there a checksum validation whenever any asset is downloaded

There is, videos should be blacklisted because of that.

Could you please confirm for me what CMS and player versions are you using?

I am using player and cms version 1.7.9.
This actually happened twice on two different machines. Both machines were windows operating system.

Any update or info in this @Peter

It should check the checksums when player attempt download them from CMS and then when it downloaded them.

ie if the video file was fine in CMS then it should be downloaded in the exactly the same state on the player - unless the download was incomplete in which case player should report that and do not attempt to show the videos - marking the whole layout as invalid in the result. After that it should make another attempt to download the files from CMS.

I’m not entirely sure what happened in your case, perhaps if we would see some logs from the player / CMS when this issue occurred then it would be clearer.