Download window end time is 00:00 1800 (date)

so when I click on the download window end time box, I get a date picker that is defaulting to the year 1800… the only option on the picker is to increments by days… not sure that I have enough stamina to click to 115 years a day at a time. THe field will NOT let me type anything into it. so my display is NOT updating.

Just use it to pick a time. The date is ignored.

Unfortunately it’s just an artifact of the time picker that you can’t avoid it also having a date selected.

Unless you wan the times the client can connect restricted then the default of 0:00-0:00 is correct and doesn’t need to be amended (assuming you’re running 1.7.4)

not exactly sure what is happening but my client just displays the previous layout. I deleted that layout, uninstalled the client, and then created an entirely new client. The old client shows connected on the “displays” page with no errors. However, I am still getting the old layout. I “did” delete the entire install directory as well.

Any ideas? I thought that it was not communicating at all.

What versions are you running?

What is shown on the Player status screen? It will show you the configured download window and whether the Player thinks it’s inside or outside the Window.