Download speed limited on Windows client

When i download a video file direclty from the browser the speed is at 15-20 mbps, but on the xibo clients, it’s never more than 5 mbps. Does i need to make something special to Xibo CMS or my web server to have a normal download speed?

Its the overhead of going through the SOAP web service to get the files.

Xibo does support X-Sendfile for both Apache and Nginx - you’d need to look at turning on nginx/apache sendfile mode in the web server itself, ideally with resume support (request-range). You can then configure Xibo to provide a send file header in global settings (File Download Mode).

We don’t provide examples for that as it requires some web server know how…

In apache you’d have extra directives in your apache2.conf

XSendFile on
XSendFilePath /var/www/library

Xsendfile is now enabled on my server and i switched the download mode to Apache. For now it didn’t work. When i preview the layout in the browser, it gave me this error :


The CMS should be outputting a header like below:

header("X-Sendfile: $libraryPath/media.ext");

where media.ext is the name of the media file as stored in the library.

Are you able to take a look at the apache error logs and see if there is anything contained which would indicate a problem with it accessing that path?

You may also need to allow access to the library like this:

<Directory /var/www/library>
  Order allow,deny
  Allow from all

This is assuming that your library is actually at /var/www/library