Download new Twitter-tweets directly or by Xibo?


if I set my Twitter-widget to update the tweets every 15 minutes, are the new tweets downloaded by the Windows-player or by Xibo-server and the pushed to the player?

I suspect in case of embedded youtube-videos the stream will be downloaded by the player.

But how is this with the other widgets, which have sources in the internet?


RSS feeds (and associated images) go via the CMS, as they need to be pre-processed to apply the formatting you want on them, and to ensure they play when the Player has no internet access.

The Player goes directly for webpage widget, URLs embedded in the Embedded widget, LocalVideo for example.

So Twitter is treated as webpage widget or does it go through CMS?

It’s a Widget, so all the resources are downloaded by the CMS and passed to the Player. The Player doesn’t communicate with Twitter directly.


I have the issue that a Twitter user name has a country flag at the end. In preview the flag is shown correctly, but in windows player instead of the German flag it shows only the letters “DE”. How can I fix this?

Can you tell me how I can replicate it so we can see it here?

You can just export your layout if that’s suitable, or alternatively tell me what settings your using on the Twitter widget.

I also need to know what CMS version you’re using please.

Logged as an enhancement here:

question in reference to emojis: Is it possible to show them in tweets? At the moment they are not shown in Windows player, only in preview. Thanks.

They should be shown on the Player (everything you see in preview should be shown in the Player). Try going to Modules -> Verify All to see if that helps.

Hi Dan,

did not help. emojis only show a space/blank, no icon.

@Peter - can we try to recreate this?


geraf - unfortunately its a windows player problem which we will look at when we can.

Thank you. Looking for the new player – IE player is really old and so many web features missing.