Download content from Server Library

Hello, is there any way that i can’t force a client (both window and android) download some files already in the server’s library? Maybe by sending some shell command?

The Player can’t download anything from the CMS unless the CMS is told that it should be allowed to. So for example, if you have an image in the CMS library, the Player won’t be allowed to download it unless it’s used in a layout that is scheduled on that Player.

You can have the Player download a file without it being in the layout by going to the Displays Page in the CMS, and then using Assign Files to pick the files you want the Player to download. That will cause those files to be downloaded on to the Player, but it won’t do anything with those (like display them) unless you either use them in a layout (in which case you didn’t need to manually assign them, or you have some external tool that looks for those files. The files will be stored in the library as their media IDs, not as the original file names.

Thanks you so much for answer. I did as you said and it work ok! But in my case, i want the client download file automaticaly. The idea is create a external tool/software to call some API then the server will do the “Assign Files” automaticaly.

Is the any suggestion for me? Thanks you again!!

You can use the Xibo API to do the media assignment.

After a while trying your solution, i found that these APIs are for Xibo 1.8. Is these API for Xibo 1.7 series (1.7.2) and where i can download it. Thanks!

There is an API for 1.7 but it doesn’t have the same functionality. You would need to upgrade.