Downgrading to 1.7.3 - reinstate server lib JS files


I want to downgrade from CMS 1.7.4 to CMS 1.7.3 as I have all webpage’s (which I use a lot) set as per web-page rendering in CMS 1.7.3 (which although that was identified as a bug and fixed in CMS 1.7.4) as all my layouts break in 1.7.4. At this time upgrading is costlier for me so I would like to downgrade.

The problem is 1.7.4 upgraded xibo-webpage-render.js, xibo-text-render.js and other files in server library and all webpages (set according to 1.7.3) break against the newer files.

So, I want to bring back copies of 1.7.3 files to server library back.

How to do that ?

I tried by clicking on “Verifying modules” but it did not reinstate those files.

Any suggestion or the correct way those files be brought back.


Delete the files and then verify all modules - it only copies the files from your CMS installation into the library.

I’m not at all clear why you need to downgrade - perhaps there is an alternative