Don't see image and webpage region in CMS preview

I’m brand new to use Xibo, sorry if my question is silly.
I’ve just created a layout (UHD resolution) with different regions.
The center one displays a video (mp4), the top right a image logo (png), the middle right a web page. Video and image are uploaded in the library.
When I do a preview of the layout on my PC in the CMS (firefox browser), only the video part is displayed, the logo and web page zones are not visible.

Thanks for your help !

Hi Bertrand and welcome to the Xibo community.

It’s a bit weird especially that you can’t see this .png image, what if you create layout with only this .png image (and another with only this webpage)?

As for the webpage, assuming that you provided correct URL for it, it may be an issue with IE - Xibo will by default try to emulate IE to display webpages. Could you tell me what IE version you have installed?
Then you might need to make change in registry as explained here - WebBrowser emulation and add/change it according to your IE version (11 would be best) you can find more values here - BrowserEmulation Values

Hi Peter,
Thanks for your prompt response. I was using Firefox 38, i’ve switched for the additional tests to IE 11.
I’ve created the 2 layouts with only one region, png logo for one, and webpage for the other, and i’m still not able to display anything, either with Firefox or IE.
I must missed something, but don’t see what !
I’m currently not using a windows player, just the CMS for the moment.

I faced the same issue with the CMS preview layout.

Solution, stop using it.

Install a Windows player and schedule on it to test layouts.

Windows player always works!

Well, preview should work and I asked about browser emulation because preview is also using it (so you can try to change registry entry as I explained in my previous post).

You can also try to validate all modules (in CMS modules page click verify all)

Other than that, you can export your layout and give us a link to download it then we will test it on our test CMS.
You can post a link here or via pm to me, that depends if you want other user to have access to it or not.

I’ve got it ! The layout was invalid, for the initial one, may be because it has some regions without timeline assigned (i’ve just noticed that the (x) in layout grid was because layout was not correct).

And for the two others, I missed the fact that at layout creation, a default region was created full screen that was hiding the other regions probably. I’ve seen that by looking at the layout.xml file exported.
As I’m working for UHD screens, the layout designer is disabling region drag and drop.

Thanks guys for your help, donnyyeo, you may try also to update the registry with the WebBrower emulation key, as I’ve done from Peter’ post.

Oh :smiley: you see if you would try to schedule it, player would tell that the layout is invalid :wink:
Yes, when you create new layout, one full screen region is added that’s one thing and as you know now every region need to have something in it (can’t have empty regions, empty region=invalid layout)

I am glad that now it is fixed.