Does Xibo support more than one CMS site?

I am researching Digital Signage software for an upcoming project. I would like to see if Xibo could solve my issues.

I need to have two separate Digital Signage CMS sites. I do not want to run 2 separate servers. Once will be for a couple internal TVs that will display HR information, the other will be customer facing and have product demos and not include the sensitive employee data. My question is can Xibo support running 2 separate CMS sites, maybe delineated like http://xiboserver/CMS1 and http://xiboserver/CMS2?

Also, my output will be going to into a private cable TV system, we will be broadcasting 2 HD channels over coaxial cable media. So the TVs will not be network. Can I simply install the player on a media player PC and have this output to HDMI to feed the CATV system? I already have pinpointed the distribution system, all I need is an HDMI output for the CMS sites, I figured a simple PC running the Xibo Windows client would work.

You could make two separate installations of Xibo on the same server, under those two separate directories.

They will each need their own MySQL database to work with, and their own server library storage.

Yes you can run a Windows Player and have it output to HDMI and then run it in to an external device which outputs an RF signal for your TVs. I don’t see that being a problem.

Thank you for answering my questions. I have been really impressed with what I have read about your software and seen here on the site. I will probably end up using Xibo for my project.

I strongly suggest that you do. We love it!!