Does the android player support service workers for the webpage widget?

As we want to create content for the Xibo Player outside of the CMS and publish it via the API, we were wondering whether we really need to upload all our assets as media to Xibo or if we could use service workers instead to provide offline functionality when the player has no internet connection.

So does the android player support service workers? And would the cache storage persist if the webpage widget would get reloaded for some reason (repeat of the playlist, for example).

Any idea on this? I guess in the end I will have to test it live with a player. I do net yet have access to a player but would be happy to provide a layout with a minimal example.

The Player uses the Android WebView so you’d need to check if that supports the functionality you need.

The version of WebView depends on the firmware of the device you’re using, and/or the version of the WebView APK you have installed from the Play Store.

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Thx, that helps. It looks promising, in the end I will have to test it on a player to be sure, about it’s behavior.

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