Does any Android Client version work with any Xibo release?

As part of an upgrade, I’m looking at the clients, which are Android boxes.

Does any 1.7 client release work with any Xibo 1.7.x release or do they need to pair up? And is it a must to keep all the clients on the same release or don’t fix what ain’t broke?


Would be best to use latest stable release, ie 1.7.9 CMS and 1.7 R62 Xibo for Android, or at least use the apk from the same series (1.7) if it does work fine.

Older version could work in legacy mode (not all features available etc).

It’s similar with Windows, at the very least the same series (1.7), but best if the CMS and windows client would be in the same exact version (1.7.9).