Documentation Unclear or 1.8.1 Files Missing

This is either a place where the documentation can be refined or its a problem in 1.8.1.

The documentation talks about both config.env.template and docker-compose.yml (though docker-compose.yml only comes up near the end of the install page). It doesn’t link to or talk about github so I assume the files are supposed to be in the tar.gz/zip archives, however, niether are in the 1.8.1 tar.gz I downloaded today or last week. In both instances I’ve had to search, find them on github, copy the contents and upload to my server. So the copies on the site either need to be updated to contain the files, or the Install documentation should be updated to talk about and link to the appropriate github resources.

Thank you.

I’m not sure what’s not clear in the documentation, could you please tell me what and where exactly could be clearer?

If you open
Assuming that you want docker installation and already have docker environment installed and you go to ‘Download and extract the Xibo Docker archive’ section correct?

Where you can see link to under ‘downloaded from our website.’,

Since you want docker installation you do download or xibo-docker.tar.gz and there you will find config.env and other docker related files.

If you’ve downloaded the / xibo-cms-1.8.1.tar.gz then, yes they will not contain those files are those archives are not meant for docker installation, but for manual/custom one -

In retrospect and review I see what you are saying, part of this may come from the fact that this is my first time using docker. Since no other section talks about downloading the cms files I have to admit I think I read that and even though it doesn’t say it, I interpreted it as the usual “download the cms files”. To that end, I now feel I may have messed up my install. Is docker supposed to be responsible for getting all the files? Should I have run the docker compose command with my folder containing only the yml and env files along with the shared folder and its contents? If so then perhaps my one documentation suggestion would be a quick line specifing NOT to get the normal CMS files people are used to getting. This will derail incorrect thinking and assumptions like my own.