Documentation for font API

Hi! I want to change fonts through API but in documentation I didn’t find a word about it. Is there a way to handle this or did I miss something? (p.s.: sorry for grammar if I made any mistake)

Fonts are treated as a library module (the font module) and can be manipulated using the library functions.

The pertinent API call isn’t documented very well unfortunately - but if you describe what you are trying to do I can see if I can help.

Thanks Dan for your reply.
I wrote this post too early because I know almost nothing about interaction with API. And I want that you forgive me for that. I’m newbie(but not total) in working with any API and programming in general. Regarding Fonts: I want distantly change text on layout without touching Xibo(frontend). I found your example on github(thank you). It is working only for old versions of Xibo? Because I was trying to launch it on 1.7 and it is doesn’t working(It says ‘No action’). Although I think it is because I’m set it up not properly. I was testing it over https and in Applications the homepage appears a little bit strange(the screenshot is below). Could this affect on work?(also there is no description though I had written it or may be it is the bug of the old version. I’m using 1.7.7)

I wouldn’t recommend doing any work on the API in 1.7 series - it was beta only and has been completely rewritten in 1.8.

We have a wrapper library to handle the difficult oauth connection in 1.8, which you might find useful:, there is also a sample in /example

Changing some text doesn’t seem to have anything to do with fonts? Or perhaps I misunderstand you. Editing a text widget is not documented at all yet (because I am not sure how to do so). The API route you want is a PUT request to /playlist/widget/:id where the :id is the id of the text widget you are editing.

You’d get the ID from the layout GET call, providing the embed parameter with regions,playlists.

Unfortunately there will be some leg work for you to do, as we don’t yet have any complete examples :slight_smile: