Docker Update Reset My CMS

I’ve just updated my Docker after it prompted for an update but now my CMS seems to have been reset to default.
If I goto where I first installed Xibo I can see that all my media files are still there.
Can someone help me restore the data?

It happened to me right now as well!

Are both you using Docker for Windows?
If so, you should be able to fix that with stop/start commands, please see

I also assume that you did follow the upgrade instructions?

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Thanks ! I hadn’t seen the upgrade instructions.
Luckily I had a backup of my files so I could get it working again

I’m glad to hear that, the automatic backup (or manual backup) are not strictly necessary, as we assume everything goes well, but in case something does go wrong then it’s really important to have those backups available, especially since it’s not a hassle to make them / copy them etc.

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