Displays page is blank after upgrade

version 2.0.3, the displays page is blank. The existing displays show in scheduled events and I can see them in mysql, but not on the xibo admin web page. The display group is populated, but even trying to filter by that doesn’t show any devices.

Ok, they finally showed up but…

the display I installed the latest client on won’t start. sits at the splash screen. The others haven’t been rebooted, so they still run but the display page shows they haven’t logged in since the 15th (4 days). that would have been prior to the upgrade.
The client I upgraded shows "Client found response content type of ‘text/html’, but expected ‘text/xml’ "

Other displays updated Friday do not show new content.

Suggests your CMS is serving an error page instead of what is expected to the Players. Is it a Docker based install, or something custom?

It’s Xampp 3.2.4. I’ve verified I can reach the server from the display.
The url is http://xiboserver/xmds.php?v=5&method=registerdisplay
The response is error 500.

You’re likely missing a PHP module that Xibo needs to run.

Check the Report Fault page inside the CMS

Thanks, soap was not loading.