Displays function don't show Current Layout on the list

Hi all,

I found the problem in display list. Sometime it’s showed with layout name, but sometime it’s empty. After debug I saw that $data is returned null. Please noted that this case just happened when I change the layout on Display list.

Any suggestion on this case ? Thanks for your support.

I assume you do have Notify Current Layout enabled on all players?

I’d expect all logged in players to report correct current layout back to the CMS.
Unless there any issues with player <-> CMS communication.

If it’s not cached / cache expired then yes it might show null, but that should not happen if the player is online and actively communicating with CMS.

That being said, perhaps we could improve that a little bit, but I wasn’t able to recreate the problem locally yet.

Hi Peter,

Notify Current Layout enabled already. But the problem still not solved. This is diagram for our structure. We just using samba to mount the Library folder on other server. I think it’s a root cause. Do you have any suggestion for this case.