Displays disconnected but in reality they are connected

why in the display board, there are displays that are disconnected but in reality they are connected ??

Can you provide more information about the issue you are having, for example which version of CMS you are using, what version of the Xibo Player you are using and if possible some screenshots demonstrating the issue?

Can you also confirm what suggests that the Displays are disconnected and where you are seeing that they are indeed connected?

Many Thanks.

the cms i use is 1.8.11
xibo player : 1.8.10

The displays marked disconnected il reality they are conneted

Thank you for the screenshot and further information about the Logged in Status. Are all of your Displays on the same network?

I can see in the screenshot under the Last Accessed column that all of the Displays that are up to date have connected to your CMS on 8/5/19, at quite different times during the day. What is the Collect Interval set to for your Displays? Are they all using the same Collect interval?

The other Displays that are not up to date don’t appear to have connected to your CMS for a while, one for more than a month. Are all of these Displays in use and supposed to be connecting to your CMS regularly? If so, your screenshot would suggest that there is a connection related issue occurring here.

I would first recommend taking a look at the Logs page on your CMS to see if you can see any errors relating to your Displays. If you cannot find any errors or other messages that might help narrow down the issue, I would recommend checking the Status window on the Player itself in case the error logs are not being returned to the CMS. You can do this by clicking the i key on your keyboard while the Xibo Player is running. If you find any Logs that could be useful, please pass them on.

You could also make sure that the network connection for the Displays is stable and working. A good way to test this is to see if you can log into your CMS from a web browser on the devices running your Xibo Players. if you receive any errors or messages, please pass them on. If you are using a WiFi connection for any of the Displays, you may wish to switch to a wired connection to see if this helps to resolve the issue.

Many Thanks.