Displays' Command list

I read the introduction of commands which mentioned “predefined commands”, such as "shutdown"
I am sorry that I am not able to find these commands online or from Xibo’s manual.
Could anyone provides command sample or list, thanks!

The commands are “pre-defined” in that you need to define them before they can be run.

They aren’t pre-defined as in provided for you.

The very next section of the manual shows you how to create a command.

What you actually run is up to you, and depends on what operating system you’re working with.

Thanks for you reply!
Indeed, there are insufficient guideline for commands.
I am looking forward to your next manual.

That isn’t what I said at all.

The manual as it stands tells you exactly what you need to do.

  1. Define the name of command you want to run (eg Reboot)
  2. Set the actual command to be run on each of your display profiles

There’s no planned amendments to this section of the manual.