Displaying websites that require a log in

Player Version xibo-client-v2-R254.1-win32-x86


Our screens need to display information from our reporting system. The reporting system requires that the viewer logs in to the service.

Previously, where logging in to a service has been has been required to view a dashboard, I’m sure we have logged in within the browser on the same PC before launching the player and the Xibo player has automatically picked up the session cookies/ etc and has appeared as logged in. However having used Xibo for a long time I can’t recall exactly how long ago this was other than it was probably more than 5 years as I’m pretty certain it was in a previous employment.

We’ve tried logging in with Internet Explorer 11.900.18362.0, and logging in with Edge Version 83.0.478.56 and then launching Xibo. However xibo refuses to display the dashboards, instead showing the login prompt.

I’m not concerned about logging in manually for the first time. I would like Xibo to display the logged in dashboards. The screens are all local and are checked daily by the onsite techs.

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