Displaying Old Content in Folder, hard to delete old content from folder


I am hoping someone will be able to help me with this problem. We just recently started using Xibo Client and I have struggled so far. Originally someone uploaded the incorrect files onto the program.(They were old pictures) Now when I have the new/current images uploaded in the media and assign to a layout (a new layout that I created) the old images seem to keep getting in it!

Going through to delete the old images is nearly impossible because of how slow it is going. I have to scroll down the list and wait for the thumbnail of each to pop up and then I cannot delete the media only retire.

Is it 1.7.8 CMS and player?

Well, while it probably would be good to delete old images - it shouldn’t be necessary to make your player display want you want.

So, ideally:

  • You will want to have some very simple layout set as a default layout for your display.
  • Clear the Schedule, so there are no old events scheduled anymore (if there were any).
  • You can delete any old layouts as you no longer need them
  • You have your new layout with new images - you will want to schedule that layout to your displays.

Once that’s done your display should show your layout (or default layout if it will need time to download new content etc) and definitely should not show your old layouts.

Thank you for your rapid response. I am currently sitting here and deleting over 100 images - I see no way to delete (or retire) multiple images at once, which is a little disappointing unless I am missing it.

I plan on deleting everything on the software and starting again. I guess that is my best option.

We are using 1.7.8 and we started using this software a few weeks ago on our large screen in our cubicle space.

I’ll let you know if I run into any issues, I am still trying to figure out the software.

Thanks, Kate

In the CMS settings, enable the Library Tidy option.

Then go to the Library, and click on Library Tidy. That will allow you to delete any media items not assigned to a layout.