Displaying images fails

Hi guys,
i have got a layout with 2 images where each set for 4 seconds (8 seconds total) and a video in the same layout.
When the layout is played,
first the images are displayed okay but after the second images shown before jumping to the video system blinks around a second by reshowing the first image.

The images are JPG and i did test by using PNG as well.
This is an extremely bad things because it looks very ugly when it does such.

Any ideas what could be the reason here?

Which CMS and player versions are you using please?

Hi Peter,
i am using 1.8.1 for both and this is a very serious problem for me :worried::worried:

The same thing happens if i create two layouts and put them to play.
Layout one includes 2 pictures
Layout 2 includes a video

Could be good to upgrade the CMS and players to newest versions and confirm that the issue persists.

Thanks Peter,
that would most likely be a good idea but i was hoping to do the upgrade when we have version 1.9

I need to be sure if upgrading to earlier version than 1.9 is going to fix this issue.
Can we be sure if upgrading to earlier version is going to fix this issue?

No we cant im afraid, but equally we need to recreate the problem on the latest release to prove that it is still a problem.

You could upgrade a test Player and run a test CMS with the same content to prove it?

I currently have no test environment for CMS :worried:

All we can really tell you at this stage then is that we don’t have the problem on our own test systems - a Layout with 2 images and 1 video plays each one exactly 1 time.

Likewise 2 layouts, the first with 2 images and the second with 1 video plays each one exactly 1 time.

This is the “bread and butter” use case for the Player, so we’d be really surprised if its broken. Its more likely that something is scheduled that isn’t quite what you expect - perhaps you have an overlay for example.

Equally its possible your seeing something that is already fixed - 1.8.1 is coming up to a year old after all.

Do you have a test Player? You could upgrade a single player to 1.8.3 to see if that helps?

Could you please explain the overlay?
as far as i can tell i do not have such…

Will 18.3 player work with CMS 1.8.1?

Yes 1.8.3 player will work with a 1.8.1 CMS.

You can schedule overlay layouts in 1.8 which appear alongside other content - it might be that you have one of these scheduled by accident and that is sitting behind your other content. Its a long shot though to be honest.

i don’t think i have any overlay layouts because i have never created such.
I have only simple layouts which are not even divided to regions, just full screen stuff.

Is there many changes on on CMS 1.8.5 vs. 1.8.1?

Yes quite a few, you can look through past release notes here: https://xibo.org.uk/manual/en/release_notes.html - this is an “issues addressed in this release” section on each release note page.

As a first step, try a 1.8.3 player

Thanks Dan! :slight_smile:
I will.