Displaying Content Easily

Hi everyone!

OK so I would like to know your thoughts on the best way to achieve the following. I would like a simple page, where users would login and update a number. This should be really, really easy. They should login to a page, it will show the number, eg. 3, they can then change that to 4 and hit save.

Xibo will pull this number from the database and display it in a layout.

Any ideas how I would perform the latter?

I basically need staff to update something, but don’t want them logging into Xibo and changing anything in there… so I figured this would be the best way (and less things for them to break!)

Thanks in advance,


It would best to create them their user accounts in CMS with some restrictions - lets say only layouts/library page would be accessible for them, so they can upload (edit/change/replace) media files directly on library page and further adjust layouts if needed.

Other way of altering media files / layouts etc would be via API, but that’s more for 1.8 series and probably less user friendly in this case.

I’m assuming they won’t be responsible for creating/designing new layouts, but only for some small changes, so they shouldn’t break too many things doing that :slight_smile:

Yes you’re right.

Since it’s more for 1.8. I still really don’t want them to login (the staff tend to try and play a LOT) so I created a back end with a database and a simple page which allows a user to update the number. I wasn’t sure if a Dataset was able to bring in this information?

If not, then another option I would have maybe would to create a RSS feed of this number? Then that could be brought in via a Ticker? With this, could it just display a static result or does it have to scroll etc?

Thanks a lot for the reply!