Display Specific Xibo Audio Streaming

Hello Xibo!

We have been thrilled with the support, fast-patches, and great service that you guys are providing. Xibo is by far the best display system that we have been able to use proficiently throughout our deployments.

I noticed that you are implemented some type of interactive component to your display system, however I do not think this feature request fits in with this development.

I do have a feature request which came from a particular installation that we have.

We would love to see the ability to schedule an audio overlay, just like you can do with the display via the use of scheduled templates. We have received a few requests on having this feature supported and the only way we can accomplish it is very counter-intuitive and ‘hacky’. EG: Running the stream on the Android STB using VLC, using small video/audio clips chopped up into smaller segments, etc.

I would like to see some type of ability to use a PLS Web-Stream or so other dynamic way to stream audio over the display system at some specific audio level. More advanced functionality could possibly include have it stop playing if a video is scheduled for a layout. This could be very handy if someone has multiple displays in close proximity to each other without having to have un-synchronized audio [Shopping Malls, etc].

I would appreciate some feedback!


I’ve a document sitting in front of me which details implementation of two new things in 1.8

  • Audio Module
  • Overlay Layouts

The gist of overlay layouts is that you can mark layouts as “overlay” compatible, fill them with content as normal and schedule them - only 1 at a time. They then render over the top of any non-overlay layouts in the schedule.

The idea being, you could have a layout with a bottom region containing a RSS feed - all of your other layouts would have this as an empty space. The “other” layouts you have would play through underneath the overlay and you’d have a continuously scrolling feed without refresh. The same could be applied for audio.

That is an interesting requirement - it would require some awareness between modules (at the moment they are sand boxed)

According to our records, your request has been resolved. If you have any
further questions or concerns, please respond to this message.

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