Display show nothing after module installation

Hello! So I tried to install the weather module but it doesn’t work. So I decide to not using, but now, all of my display are unable to show layout.

I tried to send layout to them, but they don’t show. When I press “I” on the player, I see he tried to download, but he return to status “sleeping”

I use Xibo 2.0.0 on windows (with xampp)
And I used Windows player

(Sorry, my english level is not very high)

Hi Alan01, welcome to the community!

Below is a link to the documentation for the Weather Widget. Please note that there is an Update regarding this feature, as the API being used has now joined Apple, meaning new signups for an API Key are now not being accepted.


My first recommendation would be to upgrade your CMS to the latest version, which is currently 2.3.3, as you will need this version to use the replacement Weather API, which is OpenWeather. You can find the necessary files here:

Once you have upgraded to 2.3.3, you can follow the instructions in the documentation to install the new Weather Widget. Please note that you will also need to create an account with OpenWeather to acquire an API Key. You will see in the documentation where to enter the API key in the module settings.

If the issue persists after following the above instructions, please let me know.

Many Thanks.

Hello Dan,

thank you for your response

I upgrade xibo to 2.3.3, all seem to work now
I don’t understand what happened, if the problem comes back, I will let you know :smile:
Many thanks!

Thanks for getting back to me and confirming the issue is now resolved after the update. Great newsand glad everything is working now, I hope you don’t encounter anymore issues with your Xibo Signage.

All the best, hope you’re safe and well.

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