Display Setting and Scheduling

Hello Folks,

Environment: CMS 1.7.6

when set up to a certain time for display layout A in scheduling setting, layout is displayed.
Before and after layout A, still default layout is displayed, which is forever.

Displays from CMS:

ID Display Status License Default Layout and etc.

When clicking “edit” at the end of row above, there is no option for “Not selection for default layout” for default layout.

What I want to do is:

Nothing display

A scheduled Time: Display Layout A

After that, Nothing is displayed.

In other word,

--------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------- Time Domain
Start Time (No display from Xibo) A schedule Time No display from Xibo
Display Layout A

As described above, I would like to display Layout A for only scheduled time, and then, for a rest of time, nothing is displayed from Xibo.

I am not sure if this requirement could be possible unless I am missing anything on 1.7.6 CMS.


Hello Folks,

To clarify it, attached is the file. PC booting is client device’s booting.


So, when there is nothing scheduled, player will display the default layout.

You can make default layout a clean black .img (or something similar, but it needs to be something on the layout it can’t have empty regions) if you want to make it look like there is nothing displayed on it.

Hello Peter

I appreciated for your initial feedback.
As show in picture below, if Xibo layout is designed as small as possible within monitor size in terms of resolution, , is it possible that something, being displayed in monitor can be displayed in the rest of region while xibo layout is displayed?

xibo_layout.pdf (91.0 KB)


Display settings page -> edit display profile assigned to your device -> Location tab
there you can specify the width/height and offset of the player window.

Hello Peter

Display settings pages-> edit has four parameters, each having positive and negative values with zero:

Width (0, positive, negative)
Height(0, positive, negative)
Left Coordinate (0, positive, negative)
Top Coordinate (0, positive, negative)

I think that full size is width (0),height (0), left (0), top(0).
How do these change the layout size in the screen based on combination of these parameters?
It sounds like 2D graphic coordinate system (Math 101 class?). But I am not quite understanding about these.


So width / height will be player dimensions.

So for example if your monitor has 1920x1080 resolution, and you’ll put 800x600 in height/width there, Xibo for Windows will take only this small portion of the screen and not the full screen (0, 0 is the default which means full screen).

left and top are offset settings, so with 0,0 Xibo for Windows will start in the top left corner of the screen.

If you put 200 in left and 100 in top it will move the client 200px from left and 100px from top of the screen.

You might need to experiment with those settings a bit to make it look exactly as you want it to.

It would be probably a good idea to create new display profile for this and leave the default one (full screen) as it is.
Just remember to later assign your new display profile to your display device.
(Displays page -> edit display -> advanced tab -> setting profile)

Hello Peter

Yes, experiment should be required to figure out the size and location of layout in the monitor screen and would require the understanding of the logic behind this a bit more.

If I want to display the resolution 800 x 600 with shift 200 from left and 100 from top, the configuration would be below:

Width (800)
Left Coordinate (200)
Top Coordinate (100) or Top Coordinate (-100)

which one is the right one either 100 or -100? I guess that -100 is correct since it move down 100 from top, not move up from top.


will be correct to move it 100px down from top

similar to

to move it 200px to the right from the left side.

Hello Peter

I appreciated for your full support. I will experiment to see how it works.