Display permissions

I have multiple displays in my Xibo admin console. Now I have created a user group with support rights.
But I can’t seem to find where I can give this group show and edit rights to all displays. I also want to give this group automatic rights when a new display is added.

Menu and Page security in user/usergroup are one thing (to give them permission to see some stuff in CMS) remember that Menu permissions has dropdown menu, so you can assign every permission you want.

As for the displays, you will need to go to Displays page, and edit permission for each display from there.

Side note regarding versions, for user permissions etc. you will also want to upgrade to 1.7.4, there were some issues in previous versions.

Thank you for this reply.
Maybe a nice feature for the future? It’s realy anyoing when a new display is added that I have to assign this group to it.

You’re welcome, as for the feature we have few feature requests regarding permissions in features section of this site, but I don’t think that we have this one, it could be a nice idea to create new topic in features section about it.

I will make a feature request.