Display permission problem since 1.8.10 Upgrade

Hi there,

Since upgrading to 1.8.10, the users on our system can no longer see any of the displays listed in the dropdown when scheduling an event. The dropdown simply shows the headings “Groups” and “Display”.

The users are all members of a user group which has ‘view’ permission for the relevant displays and I have even tried giving a user explicit direct view permission to a display with no luck.

The system settings are configured with “Schedule with view permission?” set to “yes”.

When logged in as Admin, all the displays appear in the dropdown list.

The displays did appear correctly in the user’s drop-down under 1.8.9 and no other changes (other than the 1.8.10 upgrade) have been made to the system.

This is a Docker install running on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Any ideas?

Many thanks,


Could you confirm for me the exact permissions you have assigned to this group?
Specifically, do you have permissions to display group page assigned?

Also if you are logged in as that user, if you navigate to the Schedule page, then click on the Select Displays does that show you the displays correctly?
^ ie not the add event form, but select displays on the Schedule page.

I recently upgraded a cms to version 1.8.10.

After that I had to give the usergroups in this cms rights to Display Groups, or else users won’t be able to select a display in the dropdown menu while scheduling.

Displays were visible in the schedule Select Displays drop menu before giving the additional Display Group rights.

Is there a way to provide these rights, without showing the Display Groups menu in the left bar?

Yes, I can confirm that problem, as described by Mark1.

I see, we understand why it is like that, but certainly it’s not exactly what we want, as such I’ve created an issue about it and we will aim to resolve that in next CMS release - https://github.com/xibosignage/xibo/issues/1607

For further information:
Correct me if I’m wrong but earlier, right after upgrading to 1.8.10, I had to give ‘Campaigns’ rights to the user (groups) as well so they were able to see the displays in the schedule Select Displays dropdown menu.