Display pdf from folder on network

hi is there anyway i can have a mapped drived to the xibo server that i can update a pdf in and it changes it on the layout.



I guess this can be combined with Why to upload from a mapped drive

Firstly, we always recommend uploading your files into the Xibo Library as it means we can control the delivery of that file to the Player. The best way to do what you want in that case then, is to write a small API application or CMS task which pulls files in from a mapped drive. This would require some programming knowledge.

As another option, depending on how you have your CMS installed, you could make your mapped drive be something your web server can serve content from, and then embed your PDF in a Web Page Widget. Obviously you should be careful you’re not serving things that you don’t intend to here.

I suppose you could also map your drive to your Player, and then reference it as a local file.

The first option is the best.

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