Display or Limit the loop time of a screen

Display or Limit the loop time of a screen.

What if it were possible to display the loop time of a screen by adding all the layouts assigned to it?

This would be very helpful for anyone who guarantees the customer a loop time.

It might be even more interesting to allow the maximum time allowed per screen to be set, for example:

It is defined that a screen has a loop of 15 minutes.
Then, when you try to add layouts that exceed this limit, the user will be alerted.

What about?

Can anyone help or say if this is possible?

I think the bigger problem is media loads times. I see no way to measure and account for that time. Only way to then correct that is to include the time from which the client starts to try to show the media, as part of the display time for the media. That then creates other problems. If you have a 10 second video clip, but it takes 1 second to load, then you miss the last second of the video. May seem minor, but still an issue.

We would also like something like what you are describing. It sounds easy, but when you start digging into it, it becomes difficult to code. We ended up writing our own CMS interface to address different issues such as those. But I would like to see this kind of thing as a feature. I think it could be solved by setting a max display time on layouts, and campaigns.

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I understand that limiting the time, you may end up cutting videos before completing the display.

But if I just display an “alert” stating that the time I set to loop the player might be close to being hit would already help manage the ads better.

Layouts already offer this feature.

And in “Programming> Schedule” the times of each layout are also displayed. Could add up to this time. And display this summation also in the Player Information Columns.

I hope you have this feature one day.