Display not updating, only when client is manually restarted


I have XIBO 1.8.11 cms running without XMR/XTR. And a client (1.8.8).
When I shedule a layout nothing happens only when I restart the client the layout gets loaded.
Is this normal behavior? I set the polling interval of the display to 1 minute. So this means it should be max 1 minute before it starts updating?


XTR is not optional, you must be running XTR for the CMS to function properly.

XMR is optional, but recommended.

It sounds to me like you have layouts with media items with very long durations. When you do that, the changed content is received by the Player, but it’s still showing your old layout and will continue to do so until that has finished playing through.

To avoid that, firstly ensure you have the “Expire Modified Layouts” setting set in the CMS Display Settings Profile for your Players, and ensure that you don’t have media items with very long durations.