Display media in layout region based on tag

we will deploy XIBO to 84 screens, idealy i’d like to tag the media and have it appear on the layout region automatically without me adding it based on the preset TAG(S) is this doable ?

its how our old CMS worked ( Airgoo ) and it worked well just limitations in its usage

Hi Racz_Group, Welcome

I’m not sure to understand your needs, acording to my experience with Xibo. You can use TAG to classified or retrieve easily your media. In your case, I see 2 ways to do what you need.

First you can use CAMPAGNE in Always mode with one or more LAYOUT. In theses layouts, just put your media, to update, just replace the media in the mediatheque.
Second, you can build playlist with your media or others, put this playlist as widget in a layout and then plan it as always, to update just modify you playlist.
Hope this will help you.
See you

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